Digi-DNA "Smart" Shirt

The Digi-DNA smart shirt incorporates physiological monitoring into an advanced compression garment. It combines dynamic feedback to the user or coach of metrics not available anywhere else in the industry.


Digi-DNA GoPro Hero 4 Brushless Gimbal

Brushless gimbal for the GoPro Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero 3 cameras. To provide useful recordings of technology enabled workouts.

BG-Handheld *tuned for the right GoPro out of the box
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Digital Audio-Video

Digital 3D, Ultra-low latency, Multicast, Intelligent IP routing

Ready to Use

Full integration with mobile devices to record athletic data metrics. We choose to offer our configurations complete and ready to use, and when you need it fixed we fix it.

Custom Design to Manufacturer

Based on real-world symptoms, Rather than hypothetical senarios

Original Digi-Band
*Pre-Production technology wearable product developed by Dig-DNA
Agriculture, Construction

Integration of location, Efficiency, Cloud based solutions for faster processing of data.

Competitive Sports

Sport proof hardware, enhanced real-time feedback of the user while allowing for intuitive control of machines

Emergency, First Responder 

GPS and Elevation location, sonic sonar beacon

Aerial Perspective

Having the right point of view combined with a vision analytic engine integrated by Digi-DNA makes sure that the picture below always looks like the start of a triathlon

Digi-DNA implimentation, "hooks" mobile devices that have been manufactured since December,1 2011. We are currently accepting applications for developers who wish to collaborate integrate and work together.

Download via the Digi-DNA.net/digi-dna

* Scaled gui interfaces prepared in SD, HD, 4k

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