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MAV Pilot 1.0 for IOS


MAV Pilot

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MAVPILOT is a Ground Control Station for iOS. You can monitor the vehicles status and plan and execute fully autonomous missions

MAVPILOT connects to your personal UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) using the popular MAVLink protocol used by ArduPilot, ArDrone* and other autopilots uisng this open source protocol. 

MAVPILOT enables you to monitor vital statistics of your Aircraft in real-time over a telemetry link. You can clearly see on the display critical information and status. 

MAVPILOT as text 2 speech built in, so if you are watching your vehicle, you will hear status updates. Audio announcements include:
Low Battery
Flight Mode Changes
Failsafe Triggers
Arming Status
Mission Status

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MAVPILOT has FIND MY DRONE functionality built in. If you were forced to land your drone some distance away, this convenient functions will determine the latitude and longitude of the drones' location and its' distance from you. The inbuilt compass can then direct you to the drone, saving you a haphazard and time consuming search. 

MAVPILOT offers the power of a full Ground Control Station, but with the convenience of being able to fit in your pocket.

WARNING: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Due to the rich feature set and fully-autonomous capabilities of Arducopter code, the learning curve can appear somewhat intimidating. Fortunately, the suite of components has made this endeavor very straightforward and achievable.

Please do not be tempted to skip over steps and rush into flight. This is robotics and aviation combined–both of which are quite complex on their own. Follow the steps patiently, and you will have your robot safely up in the air.

Autonomous robots, flying machines, high-energy power systems, driving rotating blades — you are in charge of these potential hazards. Always follow best safety practices and pay close attention to safety warnings.

All of us involved with this project care a great deal about the privacy and safety of those whom we share this planet with. Please be a good steward of this technology. It is the product of many evenings and weekends, we make it available for benevolent use.


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