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Here’s to you with Digi-Health™

Does your personal health or corporate wellness program suffer from a case of the 1990’s? With so much information about health and wellness out there it’s easy to get intimidated or overwhelmed in your quest for a healthier lifestyle and/or work environment. With Digi-Health you can configure our system to help revamp any health and wellness program when used with or without a personal trainer.

Digi-Health is perfect for:

  • Corporate Wellness programs
  • Fitness centers
  • Rehabilitation/physical therapy
  • Hospital networks.

Digi-Health is the future of health and fitness reporting, monitoring and marketing. It can also be used for redemption purposes. What’s more you can also use Digi-Health™ as a selling tool for sponsors or we can match you with existing partners to provide a royalty where they would received additional clients at third party locations!  

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry. Cronus Corp, working in partnership with some of the premier health clubs in the USA, will guide you through the entire process.  From nutritional help to lifestyle and personal trainer programs Digi-Health is here to ensure you’re getting the most out of you!





Record Workouts & Data Analysis! Digi-Train™ is a powerful, fully customizable application that allows you to track workouts, calories burned, heart rate, muscle synaptic impulse statistics and much more!

Digi-Train is the new must have for any health care rehab and fitness locations. Our application records customer or athletes minute-by-minute

physical data in formats that can be custom configured for the end user. Partnering with Sonostics™

Digi-Train™ can track any info physical data down to steps taken. With Digi-Train™ you are taking fitness and professional rehabilitation to the next level.



Much more customisable than just an online booking button, the multilingual Digi-Res' booking software is fully integrated with your website design, internal software through API while including existing visuals and navigation.

Full Website Integration

Unique to Digi-Res', your website design is transferred onto all booking pages. This means that the website visitor will have a seamless experience throughout the booking process.

The result? Your website visitors feel more confident to complete their booking.

View Website Integration Demo

Smartphone Support

Accessed from smartphones, the Globekey mobile interface streamlines the booking process for your customers, with touchscreen-optimised, large buttons and an intuitive step-by-step approach.

With the optional PayPal gateway, your hotel guests can even pay for their rooms using a 4-digit PayPal PIN without having to enter credit card details every time they make a booking.

View Smartphone Demo

Facebook Fan Pages

If you have a Facebook fan page, use the Digi-Res' reservation engine to take bookings without your customer having to leave Facebook.

This is a great way to convert your Facebook fans to buyers and get a good financial return on your social media investment.



Virtual and Intelligent Ticketing system allows you to quickly identify and greet VIP’s, Premium or Season ticket holders as well any special event attendee as they approach any ticket or security kiosk.


Introducing the world first intelligent ticketing system!


By using the Digi-Tix application you can:


•             Eliminate print outs by giving a renewable & reusable ticket

•             Eliminate ticket scalping and counterfeiting

•             Speed entry

•             Increase security

•             Provide functional memorabilia for special events

•             Create an additional revenue option after the event

•             Tie everything to the individuals ID

•             Link with Digi-Map to increase sales and customer service


Ticketing services should speed entry, increase security and revenue. If your ticketing services can't do that then you need Digi-Tix. It can also be served up as an application for portable devices. And our applications run on most industry standard readers.

Digi-Tix "The Speed of Entry"

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